Manifesting thieves.

Many adverts promising lies are thrown at us daily. You cannot open a single piece (if that’s the word) on social media, without some bullshit being peddled.

lets begin with the spam phone calls. No, I don’t feel sorry for the twit who’s taken a job, that he/she knows entails lying to people all day everyday. You’ve  installed the app that stops these calls, but these crooks are super smart, and by the time the app is installed, they’ve opened a new gateway.  You should know by now, that after you say “hello”, and you’re greeted with silence, (coz they’re trying to bypass app and plug in), it’s spam. Put the phone down. But we don’t. “I’ve got the app” you think, and feel safe. Maybe it’s old Aunty Mildred from Australia calling. But no…

A woman or man, normally a woman with the most efficient voice says “good day, is this x,y,z that I’m speaking to.” You answer “yes”, and OFF she goes, like a dog with a bone, rabbiting on about ‘an accident you had, which you’re owed compensation for’.

Slightly irritated, you put the phone down, not bothering to entertain her nonsense, and sometimes you yell a healthy F. OFF! Depending on your mood.

I scratch my head wondering…

How is it possible, for people to phone other people, knowing they’re talking absolute b.s. and feel nothing? She knows, before she puts the telepromt on, to read the lie to you, that she’s nothing but a low down pathetic liar. She or He, is aware that their job is to lie to people, and they’re okay with this! Like politicians and lawyers.

The worst however, is the “MANIFEST” lie. The thousands of adverts that cover our screens, promising soooo many ways to “manifest” dream jobs, partners, homes, ad nauseum…but the most revolting of this lie, is the promise of manifesting millions.

Why?  …

Because there truly are people, desperate people, who’ll spend their last dime signing up to some bogus site that promises to ensure the manifestation of their dreams, mostly money, (which doesn’t happen) , leaving such people feeling like losers (besides broke and depressed).

All confidence in Self is removed when the millions don’t manifest, leaving the desperate person feeling like a total failure and fool, and completely out of pocket. Of course, they’re blamed by the bogus thieves, who’ve taken their money, if they question why the manifesting didn’t come to fruition!

Lets put the bullshit into perspective;

The man or woman who presents The motivational video, that lures the unsuspecting viewer  is only an actor, filmed in hired locations, or studios, and you’ve swallowed it all, putting all of your energy, money and effort in, innocently believing and excitedly expecting!

If one uses just 1 brain cell, and if one had zero conscience, then that one would be the one hiring models and actors, hooking up websites with pictures of glory that’ll blow the unsuspecting persons mind, and that one would be rubbing their palms in delight, as the poor ba..ards give all their money, hoping to purchase heaven, only to land in hell.




The places, The people, The gratitude…join our awesome journeys in 2014!

Hi Friends,

Firstly, we wish you all a very Happy Year this year. We don’t wish the usual ‘prosperous’ New Year, rather, we wish you joy, health, and everything that your heart desires. May laughter be the music in your home, loud and beautiful, drowning out the sirens that seem to go on day and night! Be joyous, be love, be peace, be all YOU want to happen and see happen to you. 🙂

TradeRoutz livingStyle has had an interesting year to say the least. We called ourselves ‘TradeRoutz livingStyle’, as the ‘TradeRoutz’ part came in, due to the fact that we travel seeking out diverse interesting pieces of furniture, art, and other items that are not factory produced, that we can bring to you, knowing that the items we provide you with, have been lovingly made by people who work for themselves (as work is hard to find the world over), and they rely on the general public to support them. We found their attention to detail exceptional, and the pride these artists take in their work is just too brilliant! It always makes us instantly happy to chat with them about the next project.

  • BALI

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One of the market places in Bali, where you can purchase anything your heart desires, and if by chance they don’t have what you want, they will find it! The people are very warm and inviting, and the island constantly smells of jasmine mixed with other sweet flowery aromas which I can’t identify. The moment you get off the plane when visiting Bali, that strong, sweet, gorgeous flowery fragrance, mixed with gentle incense hits you, and you feel transported into another world altogether! The welcoming islanders with their smiles and happy greetings, go a long way to making you feel welcome. Imagine yourself surrounded by heat, the air smells something like a natural perfume factory without the additives, just pure, and the people being so welcoming and kind. Wonderful! Other journeys have not been so kind……………but that’s for another blog..

We love the furnishings and décor that the Balinese make, so you’ll see on our website, we stock a lot of Balinese goods. These sculptured tea light holders show the magnificence of what we have from Bali.

TR CH 19th March 2013 013

We like the fact that the pieces we have, have been finished to perfection, the correct wood has been used on furniture,  the furnishings and décor have not been factory made, and old trees have not been used nor cut down especially for our furnishings or products. We love the way the artists have taken nature, and used it to make the most striking lamps and other unusual décor we’ve ever seen, plus so much more…


Lets move on to


Morocco is called the ‘Red City’ as the entire old city, which feels and looks as though Jesus or The Buddha live there, is covered in a reddish clay. The ‘old’ city is walled off from any new developments which might be going on in Marrakesh.  There is no way that new developments will happen in the old city. Marrakesh’s old pink/red City is absolutely wonderful. There is something quite magical, mystical, about staying as well as even being in a really old city, which has been left largely untouched for centuries, walled off from the outside world,   Where some of the roads are still cobbled, and people’s front doors open onto the street. Fishmongers sell their fish from their old wagons (of course the fish is packed in ice and is ever so yum and fresh), and old men sit on vintage, traditional Moroccan blankets on the ground, selling fruit.

Morocco Day 7 074 When you step outside of the old City, you come into the markets, where the snake charmers seek you out like missiles, along with so many con artists, peddling wares that are awful and fake. However, it’s all in the experience, of how to Trade ‘en Route! We found a secret little shop, tucked away,  that only sells wholesale. Normally, we only purchase from the people who we meet, who make the jewellery or whatever it may be, but from one look, one could see that this man was doing many people a favour by selling their beautiful goods, as if they had to sell their goods from a wagon in the market place, they would never fetch the prices that their goods are worth. Suffice to say, we did not purchase the larger, chunkier necklaces and bangles, as they would not be affordable for our Customers, so we stuck to the Tuareg designs that we always have in stock,  from the people we’ve met, which are also gorgeous, as well as affordable. When you purchase goods for your shop, you have to take thousands of various tastes, likes, dislikes, even religious views, into account. It can be harrowing!

Morocco Day 7 070

Marrakech day 4 079 No, you don’t need to get better glasses 🙂 These goats actually climb the argon tree, and eat the nuts! It’s hilarious, and it’s one of the things I love about doing what I do. I get to see the most insanely ridiculous things. Who would’ve thought that I’d drive past a tree filled with goats? I rubbed my eyes, blinked a few times, squinted, pulled an odd face, and then roared with laughter!! (and that laughter was full of gratitude) where, how, who gets to see something as odd as this? and yet, so wonderful!?

How often do we take what we have, for granted? I know that I can complain and moan like a drain, but when all is said and done, I’m pretty darn well blessed. I never use the word ‘lucky’, because I believe that we are all given a set of tools to work with early on in life.

We are not all given the same set. Oh no, by no means! One has to only look at the moneyed crowd, who, just by being a particular sperm in a rich man’s body, and a particular egg in a rich woman’s body, get together, and such union results in a particular fortunate wealthy child being born.  …so yes, we are not all given the same tools in that regard, but…we are all given the same knowledge on how we are going to use the tools we get given, because rich or poor, life is going to come at you, and you’d better be ready.

Either through your family, health, friends, or some other way. You ain’t gonna get off this ride without any bruises, no matter how rich or poor you are/ or were.

So, what can you do? You can, and must, live with gratitude. Grateful for a glass of water, be equally as grateful for a diamond ring. In the end, life is a journey, to be savoured, to enjoy, to love and to laugh with everyone you know, and those you are still to meet, but never should we take what we have, no matter if it’s just a crust of bread, for granted. Remember to be grateful on this journey of joy.

Gratitude brings you more of what you want and need. It’s like a magnet. If you are feeling down because Christmas is over and you are broke, like thousands of others, or for any other reason, sit on your couch, or bed, close your eyes and keep feeling grateful for just one little thing. Here’s the one word that will change your entire mind set, as well as your situation. I guarantee it. Keep saying ‘Thank you’. Over and over and over….say Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank watch your life start to change!  🙂

Hey? I was talking about Trading ‘en route?? LOL

So my friends, for me, TradeRoutz is about livingStyle…whilst ‘trading en route’ to find that style. So that when you look at anything you’ve bought from us, and whatever you’ve bought will be gorgeous, (we don’t stock rubbish,) you’ll smile with gratitude, joy and love your purchase! 🙂 We guarantee it.

More stories about more Countries in my next blog. Thanks so much for following me if you have subscribed to follow my blogs. I’m grateful, I truly am.

Please join me on my Facebook page…traderoutz livingstyle, and post comments, ask questions, feel free to be you. I look forward to meeting you, and once again, I thank you for all your support this past year!

Much Love

Deborah x