Manifesting thieves.

Many adverts promising lies are thrown at us daily. You cannot open a single piece (if that’s the word) on social media, without some bullshit being peddled.

lets begin with the spam phone calls. No, I don’t feel sorry for the twit who’s taken a job, that he/she knows entails lying to people all day everyday. You’ve  installed the app that stops these calls, but these crooks are super smart, and by the time the app is installed, they’ve opened a new gateway.  You should know by now, that after you say “hello”, and you’re greeted with silence, (coz they’re trying to bypass app and plug in), it’s spam. Put the phone down. But we don’t. “I’ve got the app” you think, and feel safe. Maybe it’s old Aunty Mildred from Australia calling. But no…

A woman or man, normally a woman with the most efficient voice says “good day, is this x,y,z that I’m speaking to.” You answer “yes”, and OFF she goes, like a dog with a bone, rabbiting on about ‘an accident you had, which you’re owed compensation for’.

Slightly irritated, you put the phone down, not bothering to entertain her nonsense, and sometimes you yell a healthy F. OFF! Depending on your mood.

I scratch my head wondering…

How is it possible, for people to phone other people, knowing they’re talking absolute b.s. and feel nothing? She knows, before she puts the telepromt on, to read the lie to you, that she’s nothing but a low down pathetic liar. She or He, is aware that their job is to lie to people, and they’re okay with this! Like politicians and lawyers.

The worst however, is the “MANIFEST” lie. The thousands of adverts that cover our screens, promising soooo many ways to “manifest” dream jobs, partners, homes, ad nauseum…but the most revolting of this lie, is the promise of manifesting millions.

Why?  …

Because there truly are people, desperate people, who’ll spend their last dime signing up to some bogus site that promises to ensure the manifestation of their dreams, mostly money, (which doesn’t happen) , leaving such people feeling like losers (besides broke and depressed).

All confidence in Self is removed when the millions don’t manifest, leaving the desperate person feeling like a total failure and fool, and completely out of pocket. Of course, they’re blamed by the bogus thieves, who’ve taken their money, if they question why the manifesting didn’t come to fruition!

Lets put the bullshit into perspective;

The man or woman who presents The motivational video, that lures the unsuspecting viewer  is only an actor, filmed in hired locations, or studios, and you’ve swallowed it all, putting all of your energy, money and effort in, innocently believing and excitedly expecting!

If one uses just 1 brain cell, and if one had zero conscience, then that one would be the one hiring models and actors, hooking up websites with pictures of glory that’ll blow the unsuspecting persons mind, and that one would be rubbing their palms in delight, as the poor ba..ards give all their money, hoping to purchase heaven, only to land in hell.





So, I haven’t written in such a long time, but life has been happening. Sorry for not having read your blogs for a while.

This recently came to my attention, and LADIES, I feel I need to warn you!

when googling myself, you know, to check what was out there, regarding me, I came upon hundreds of my profile photos that I’d innocently uploaded over the years onto Facebook.

I know diddly squat about how this works, so began a painstaking process of removing all of my images from google. It’s one hell of a process, which im still to check if they’re removed.

However, I then happened upon one of my pictures of me, that a woman who wrote she hailed from Texas, using MY face and name as HERS! Who went on to claim all sorts of crap about herself (me) and this doesn’t serve to make me all proud and vain …like (ooo look, someone wants my face!) noooo, I was scared shitless and reported it immediately to google, who I pray has removed it. And her, (me) whoever she or he is.

Then, it gets worse. We innocently post our favourite profile pics of ourselves on Facebook, and guess what’s happening to your pic if “they” like it?

Well, it’s taken from your profile, and is then used in porno mags, putting YOUR face, photoshopped onto a naked woman’s body, legs wide open, with God knows what else on or who’s with (you, ) perhaps some animals like donkeys or something, clearly looking exactly like it’s you doing the porn thing. No way to tell the difference, and no way to defend yourself. This, my friends, is now presumed by everyone who purchases porn mags, to be YOUR body, and YOU, like getting cozy with whatever they wanna do with your pics.!!

so please do yourself a favour. Google your name, on google obviously, and have a look at the amount of info that’s out there, using your name and face. Then, go through the long annoying process of removing all images of yourself off of Google.

Then you might want to use a plant, shell, animal, whatever, as every picture you put on fb or even blogging sites as you.

Protect yourselves! There are seriously creepy, bad people out there, and I certainly never even thought about this happening.

The same goes for people, who try befriend you on fb. DONT accept anyone, unless you personally know them. False pictures and names are used to get into your account, and the hell begins. It’s just another form of hacking. In such an evil sinister way.

wheres my cave!? Oh that’s right, I found it, and will be forever more a beautiful plant.

The Kid and The Cougar

Hi Folks!

I was at the dentist this morning, and as one waits for one’s turn in that scary chair, one reads the vacant, boring story. Because yes folks, you get only one story, which is usually about some movie star who you don’t know, and then…….you have the pleasure of staring blankly at the hundreds of adverts, from sweets to clothing to motorcars.

Something struck me hard!

Most of the ‘models’ were in the region of about 12 – 14 years of age. Now, we’re talking powerhouses like ‘Chanel’Tommy Hilfigger‘ and the like. To me, this is morally corrupt, and the joke (one has to try and find one, because none of it is funny) is that, it is soooo obvious that these children are just that, children, modelling very very expensive clothing, that they couldn’t afford in any way, shape or form! (unless inherited money plays a part) and yes, I googled their ages, and I’m on the button here.

Does this not make the many many pedophiles truly excited? peddling children to sell your wares. Or do fashion houses like Chanel want to sell to little girls now? Not good, and way out of line. Our world is so corrupt as it is, what is wrong with these people?

Which brings me to my second point – The Cougar

The origin of the word cougar as a slang term is debated, but it is thought to have originated in Western Canada and first appeared in print on the Canadian dating website It has also been stated to have “originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a put-down for older women who would go to bars and go home with whoever was left at the end of the night.”

The term cougar has been variously applied to women who pursue sexual relations with men more than eight years younger than they are, and to women over the age of 40 who aggressively pursue sexual relations with men in their 20s or 30s. However, the term can also refer to any female who has a male partner much younger than herself, regardless of age or age difference.

Now the term ‘Cougar’ to me, is truly stupid. Why? Because so many MEN marry women who are 10 or 20 years younger than them, so what’s their slang term? Pervert?  what makes it different for a woman?

And of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to put a 12 year old little girl in a magazine, with full make up on, sporting a pout with her perfectly made up lips, trying desperately hard to look much older than she is, which of course NO Cougar could hope to look like, but……………….it’s the Cougar {actually, I prefer – mature woman}  who can afford the goods! Go figure.

What a mess the world is in, and where have all the morals gone?

Till next time

love Deborah

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Where’s a model when you need one?

Hi Folks

It’s wrong. wrong….wrong…….wrong I tell you! I was sitting in the doctors surgery, waiting for ‘my turn’, so I picked up a ‘fashion mag’ to peruse the latest looks (which I never do, the clothing makes no sense), but being bored, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It’s filled with gaunt looking women, wearing the latest pieces on the racks of Harvey Nicks, but something is very very wrong with the whole ensemble.

Models, and I mean true models, who do this for a living,  have mostly been replaced by movie stars! This is crazy!! There are thousands of beautiful women out there, whose job is to Model. Why use a Movie Star, in replacement of a ‘just as beautiful, if not more so’ Model, to wear your clothing? Does this not say that your clothing is sub standard, and you need the services and indeed help of a Celeb/Movie star to don your latest fashion pieces, so that they’ll sell? (If Angelina Jolie can wear it, dang, I’ll look as good as her!) ………..yes, there are still people who think . ‘I’ll plump my lips, grow my hair and be a Jolly look alike’! (poor darling).


Movie Star Gwyneth Paltrow who works as a model AND Movie Star.


MODEL. Need I say more? I’m not bringing Gwyneth to the ground, but what I AM saying to the retailers, is ‘paleeze guys, we don’t need people like ‘Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson’ and the like to get us to purchase your clothing. In fact, the moment we see your clothes ON a movie star, the only thought that comes to mind is ‘Oh God, that must cost a fortune!!’.

All beauty of the garment is replaced completely by cost. Don’t do it. There are models out there who outshine some movie stars in looks 10 -1, and they need the work. Use them!! I thought I’d share a bit of eye candy with you. All models.


I’m not bringing movie stars down, but I AM rooting for models who are mostly gorgeous, and who walk the streets of Manhattan searching, only to be replaced by a mega wealthy movie star, who honestly couldn’t be bothered either way. It’s not really right. Keep movie stars in movies, and models, modelling.

Till next time

Love Deborah x