Manifesting thieves.

Many adverts promising lies are thrown at us daily. You cannot open a single piece (if that’s the word) on social media, without some bullshit being peddled.

lets begin with the spam phone calls. No, I don’t feel sorry for the twit who’s taken a job, that he/she knows entails lying to people all day everyday. You’ve  installed the app that stops these calls, but these crooks are super smart, and by the time the app is installed, they’ve opened a new gateway.  You should know by now, that after you say “hello”, and you’re greeted with silence, (coz they’re trying to bypass app and plug in), it’s spam. Put the phone down. But we don’t. “I’ve got the app” you think, and feel safe. Maybe it’s old Aunty Mildred from Australia calling. But no…

A woman or man, normally a woman with the most efficient voice says “good day, is this x,y,z that I’m speaking to.” You answer “yes”, and OFF she goes, like a dog with a bone, rabbiting on about ‘an accident you had, which you’re owed compensation for’.

Slightly irritated, you put the phone down, not bothering to entertain her nonsense, and sometimes you yell a healthy F. OFF! Depending on your mood.

I scratch my head wondering…

How is it possible, for people to phone other people, knowing they’re talking absolute b.s. and feel nothing? She knows, before she puts the telepromt on, to read the lie to you, that she’s nothing but a low down pathetic liar. She or He, is aware that their job is to lie to people, and they’re okay with this! Like politicians and lawyers.

The worst however, is the “MANIFEST” lie. The thousands of adverts that cover our screens, promising soooo many ways to “manifest” dream jobs, partners, homes, ad nauseum…but the most revolting of this lie, is the promise of manifesting millions.

Why?  …

Because there truly are people, desperate people, who’ll spend their last dime signing up to some bogus site that promises to ensure the manifestation of their dreams, mostly money, (which doesn’t happen) , leaving such people feeling like losers (besides broke and depressed).

All confidence in Self is removed when the millions don’t manifest, leaving the desperate person feeling like a total failure and fool, and completely out of pocket. Of course, they’re blamed by the bogus thieves, who’ve taken their money, if they question why the manifesting didn’t come to fruition!

Lets put the bullshit into perspective;

The man or woman who presents The motivational video, that lures the unsuspecting viewer  is only an actor, filmed in hired locations, or studios, and you’ve swallowed it all, putting all of your energy, money and effort in, innocently believing and excitedly expecting!

If one uses just 1 brain cell, and if one had zero conscience, then that one would be the one hiring models and actors, hooking up websites with pictures of glory that’ll blow the unsuspecting persons mind, and that one would be rubbing their palms in delight, as the poor ba..ards give all their money, hoping to purchase heaven, only to land in hell.





So, I haven’t written in such a long time, but life has been happening. Sorry for not having read your blogs for a while.

This recently came to my attention, and LADIES, I feel I need to warn you!

when googling myself, you know, to check what was out there, regarding me, I came upon hundreds of my profile photos that I’d innocently uploaded over the years onto Facebook.

I know diddly squat about how this works, so began a painstaking process of removing all of my images from google. It’s one hell of a process, which im still to check if they’re removed.

However, I then happened upon one of my pictures of me, that a woman who wrote she hailed from Texas, using MY face and name as HERS! Who went on to claim all sorts of crap about herself (me) and this doesn’t serve to make me all proud and vain …like (ooo look, someone wants my face!) noooo, I was scared shitless and reported it immediately to google, who I pray has removed it. And her, (me) whoever she or he is.

Then, it gets worse. We innocently post our favourite profile pics of ourselves on Facebook, and guess what’s happening to your pic if “they” like it?

Well, it’s taken from your profile, and is then used in porno mags, putting YOUR face, photoshopped onto a naked woman’s body, legs wide open, with God knows what else on or who’s with (you, ) perhaps some animals like donkeys or something, clearly looking exactly like it’s you doing the porn thing. No way to tell the difference, and no way to defend yourself. This, my friends, is now presumed by everyone who purchases porn mags, to be YOUR body, and YOU, like getting cozy with whatever they wanna do with your pics.!!

so please do yourself a favour. Google your name, on google obviously, and have a look at the amount of info that’s out there, using your name and face. Then, go through the long annoying process of removing all images of yourself off of Google.

Then you might want to use a plant, shell, animal, whatever, as every picture you put on fb or even blogging sites as you.

Protect yourselves! There are seriously creepy, bad people out there, and I certainly never even thought about this happening.

The same goes for people, who try befriend you on fb. DONT accept anyone, unless you personally know them. False pictures and names are used to get into your account, and the hell begins. It’s just another form of hacking. In such an evil sinister way.

wheres my cave!? Oh that’s right, I found it, and will be forever more a beautiful plant.

Bullshit Baffles Brains..

The ‘self help’ industry implemented a brilliant marketing strategy that has been fine tuned. These are people who market people’s fears, in a covert way, leading them to believe they ‘need’ help. Advertising their books promising to ‘make sure you get what you want’, or, ‘how to manifest’…(with loads of mantras for you to keep repeating daily), ad nauseum.   ‘Self Help Gurus’ like Anthony Robbins, are a classic example.

There is massive power in suggestion.

They all have marketing teams second to none who have fine tuned their art.  As unsuspecting sheeple, who’ll believe anything, due to the fact that we’re either miserable, insecure, looking to manifest millions believing that’ll improve our happiness, (fed by media bullshit) – or simply want a different life to what we’re currently living believe that we ‘need’ people like him! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve nothing against Anthony Robbins or any other ‘Self help Gurus‘, they’ve just perfected the art of making money out of people’s insecurities.  In fact, as awful as I feel it is, their strategies are brilliant!

When you read a ‘Self help’ book, what that book is in fact confirming for you, is you need help. All the ‘positive’ affirmations in the book, cleverly keep you believing that what the ‘self help Guru’ is teaching you, is going to ‘make you better’ (whatever you perceive better to be),   which continues instilling a ‘negative’ in you, confirming your insecurity, which keeps you glued and coming back for more, in the hopes that if you follow the ‘self help Guru’s’ advice, your life will be ‘better’, ‘more’, bigger’, grander!’

This is very smart subliminal messaging.

Say for example, that you’ve been feeling down, or simply unmotivated for a while. Unless you have a medical ailment, this kind of feeling is very normal, and it always will pass.

However, for various reasons, – In a desperate bid to get rid of ‘what it is’ that you are feeling, not accepting that it’s just part of life and nothing wrong with you, you go searching for a self help book, hoping that by reading all about how to ‘help’ yourself, you’ll feel much better in no time!

Well…without you realising it, what you are in fact doing, is affirming to yourself that there IS something ‘wrong’ with you, and you need HELP!

You’re essentially kept in the place of feeling ‘not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty  enough….’ and, all the self help book is doing, is agreeing with your perceptions about yourself, giving you certain ‘words’ or ‘tools’ to ‘fix’ (something that’s not wrong). So by keeping you in the ‘negative’ about yourself, you’ll even pay thousands to attend seminars by ‘self help Guru’s’, believing that they have some magic wand that’ll make you very successful, rich, important or whatever else you think you need or should be, because if ‘they’ can do it, hell, so can you right? Wrong!

Well that’s not essentially true. I was once told that ‘bullshit baffles brains’…and no truer saying have I ever come across.  If you have money, and employ a good marketing company, come up with ANY idea, no matter how ridiculous it is, you’ll win over thousands of fans, and earn a fortune, due to the sheer gullibility of people.

Fashion trends show this clearly!

If YSL pays a model like Naomi Campbell, who millions of both young, mature women and men look up to and admire,  she’ll wear a sack cloth down the runway during Fashion Week, and everyone who can afford a sack cloth that costs a few Pence, will pay a few hundred Pounds or Dollars for the sack, from a very expensive store, and wear it with pride, no matter how ridiculous they look, or how depleted their bank accounts are.

The infamous ‘pet rock’ is another classic example of people’s gullibility. When the guy who picked up a rock, packaged it in a box and gave it a name – ‘pet rock’, he made Millions! People actually paid good money for a ROCK!?? With a brilliant marketing strategy, all brains were baffled and millions of rocks were sold as ‘pets’! How insanely ridiculous can it get?

greedy man

You get what I’m saying here. People need to ‘wake up’!! Why do we continuously allow Politicians, Educators, Fashion ‘trends’, and the Media mostly to influence us? Why are we so terribly insecure?

Well, everyone was happy doing their thing back then. Women dressed clean but simply,  as did men, and nobody had an ego complex. In fact, few people took notice of the fact that others wore the same kind of clothes they did. It was the norm!. If Betty wore a yellow dress in a particular style, so did Veronica.  Veronica just wore a different colour. Both women looked perfectly lovely, and felt good about themselves.

Then a man called ‘Bernaise’ invented marketing and consumerism back in the 20’s, and made people feel less than dog turd with his advertising campaigns that covered cars to shoes, if they didn’t ‘purchase the latest and greatest. The banks stepped in to give people loans  (on paper) to keep them in debt and again, cleverly make them believe that they ‘had’ money (which they didn’t have)… and from there, the rest is history.

I think it’s high time that we woke up to what is actually important and real and true.

Stop letting the bullshit baffle your brains.

You don’t need anyone’s help, (to be a better person), you don’t need to wear the latest sack cloth, and you don’t have to cut your hair like Victoria Beckham. If you chant every night for 6 hours, you won’t ‘manifest’ the lotto, and if you don’t eat meat for a month, you won’t be immune to cancer. Life IS. Flow with life and stop fighting it. The more you simplify your life, the more peace you’ll have. (Sorry, I sound like a ‘self help guru’) LOL..but it’s all true! Work it out for yourself.

You are in reality a FREE person, believing you’re a slave, but you’d never admit that. How terrified are you of your boss? and why?

terrified person

If only you’d break free of the chains you’ve bound yourself in with the help of subliminal bullshit, that’s made you believe you’re just not good enough, pretty enough, handsome enough, tall enough, thin enough….It’s ENOUGH! 

Break free from the Vultures, and let your wings soar with the Eagles. 



Talking Websites

Hi Folks

I wasn’t sure what to talk about today, until I thought I’d have a look at my website, and ooooh dear! I really went ‘into’ it, only to realise that my links (some of them) aren’t working, and there are many other hitches.

As I hung my head in my hands in despair, I decided to stand proud and ‘Man up!’ so I searched the internet on how I could improve my sad website’s appearance and of course the links that are….’not’. I apologise if you’ve been trying them and they just ‘ain’t ‘ working! Not that I’m lazy, just a ‘one lady band’ for it all, suffering mental illness to boot. Oh the joys!

So if you have a website, and are a bit stuck for ideas to get you onto precious googles at least top 10, here are a few hints. I’m certainly going to try some. Others I already employ.

Lots of love


P.S. If you have more to add paleeeeze do! I certainly can do with all the help I can get! Thanks peeps.

confused person

7 Easy Ways To Effectively Maintain Your Website

 / by Meera Shah

It’s a bit like having a dog, or a particularly tricky-to-care-for plant. Like a bonsai, say. It looks fantastic when you first get it home, but without regular care and maintenance your miniature tree can pretty quickly start to look a little worse for wear. To cut to the chase we’re talking about your website; have you been neglecting yours of late?

To get the most from your website you really need to nurture it. It’s an ongoing relationship, and like all relationships you should take the time for regular catch ups. You need to make sure you’re promoting yourself in a relevant, up to date and dynamic manner. Websites quickly become out of date, old-fashioned and static. Besides a website where nothing ever changes isn’t one that’s going to encourage return visitors. So to help you show a little love to your digital marketing, here’s a seven-strong list of ways in which you can make sure website is still the one you want to be with.

1. Don’t Put Off the Updates

Ensure that you update your web content regularly to continue having life on your website. (Source)

When did you last update the information on your website? Days ago? Weeks, maybe? Heaven forbid your content hasn’t changed for months. Stop procrastinating and get some timely new content on there today. You could add a news or blog section that’s easy to update and quick to refresh. Timetable in a few hours every week to tell your customers what’s new in your world and your website will enjoy a whole new lease of life.

2. Treat it to Some Pampering

Make your website look engaging by new images or a design overhaul. (Source)

When a visitor lands on your homepage, they make a decision about whether to explore the site further within just a couple of seconds. So you’ve not got long to grab their attention. If your site feels unloved and neglected, that’s how your potential customers will treat it. Give it a facelift with some new images or a design overhaul. The more attention you shower on your site, the better equipped it will be to engage its visitors.

3. It’s the way you say it

Re-write your content as though you’re directly talking to your audience for effective communication. (Source)

Take a good, hard look at your content. There’s a big difference between what reads well on a word document to what works well as a website. Is your copy as direct, characterful and communicative as you’d like it to be? Keep your ideal client in mind and re-write your copy as though you’re talking directly to them; you’ll find your messages become much more effective.

4. Show it off

Optimize your website by using Google-friendly search terms in your copy and headers. (Source)

Is your content search engine optimized? You may have the most splendid site in the whole World Wide Web, but if no-one can find it, you’ve got yourself a problem. Make sure you include Google-friendly search terms in your copy and headers and you’ll shoot up the search rankings. You may need to ask the help of a specialist SEO writer if you’re not confident to do this yourself, but increasing visibility for your site is time and money well spent.

5. Spread the love

Integrate social media platforms for your web content to encourage social sharing. (Source)

By using social bookmarking you can allow your visitors to share information with their contacts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Your website needs to be robust enough to integrate social media – Twitter and business blogs are a match made in Heaven.

6. Have a heart-to-heart

Encourage engagement and feedback to find out exactly what your customers think about you. (Source)

Your website offers you a way to communicate remotely with your customer base, so by adding an interactive element you can encourage engagement and feedback. A brief customer survey or poll could be a great way of finding out exactly what your customer thinks about you.

7. Shop Around

Check out the competition and see what works well and where you can improve on your website. (Source)

While it may make you feel a bit like you’re being unfaithful, sometimes checking out the competition is a good way to honestly appraise the condition of your current website. Is it working hard enough for you? Is it time to trade in for a newer model? In a long-term digital relationship, a fresh start can sometimes be the best course of action. Tough love? Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind.

Your thoughts?

I’m really fed up – for now….

Hi Folks


What a way to greet you!, but at least I’m honest, and I’m pretty sure that many of you feel the same. Let me tell you my sad story;

Depression and working. Do they go together? NO! Sometimes, depression, which is a serious mental illness, can feel as though it’s eating you from the inside, and no matter what you do, you can’t stop it! You take your medication, you meditate (if your mind will only be kind enough to be still for a while), you be still, and you imagine ‘happy’ things.

Then the real problems begin…..The well meaning people who start with their advice. It goes something like this ‘Why don’t you go for a walk’, ‘If you join a gym, you’ll feel much better’, ‘clean out your cupboards, that always makes for feeling clean and clear’, ad nauseum! Am I fed up? yes, yes, yes!!

The overwhelming to strangle these ‘do-gooders’ is so bad you have to sit on your hands, and then pray that they’ll go away, even if you don’t believe in God. Now you do. Instant convert!

I woke up this morning under a grey sky. I wondered what the point in waking up was, and all I wanted to do was just go back to sleep. It had ‘got’ me, the mean little monster, and by the time I sat up, I knew I was firmly in its grip. So what to do?

Aaarrgghh, another day‘, humphed my brain, having absolutely no ambition or inkling to get out of bed. Bed is my safety place. I’d hit another depression, and was so fed up I wanted to cry. Having dodged its grip for so long, I thought I was perhaps finally on the winning side, but noooo, there is no winning side.

You see, depression is with you for life. I guess sometimes you are just the bird that hits the window. The good part, is that is does pass for a while…. I think I’ll eat a magnum now. Ever so fattening, but ever so good and much better than a trip to the gym!

Lots of love

Deborah x