Manifesting thieves.

Many adverts promising lies are thrown at us daily. You cannot open a single piece (if that’s the word) on social media, without some bullshit being peddled.

lets begin with the spam phone calls. No, I don’t feel sorry for the twit who’s taken a job, that he/she knows entails lying to people all day everyday. You’ve  installed the app that stops these calls, but these crooks are super smart, and by the time the app is installed, they’ve opened a new gateway.  You should know by now, that after you say “hello”, and you’re greeted with silence, (coz they’re trying to bypass app and plug in), it’s spam. Put the phone down. But we don’t. “I’ve got the app” you think, and feel safe. Maybe it’s old Aunty Mildred from Australia calling. But no…

A woman or man, normally a woman with the most efficient voice says “good day, is this x,y,z that I’m speaking to.” You answer “yes”, and OFF she goes, like a dog with a bone, rabbiting on about ‘an accident you had, which you’re owed compensation for’.

Slightly irritated, you put the phone down, not bothering to entertain her nonsense, and sometimes you yell a healthy F. OFF! Depending on your mood.

I scratch my head wondering…

How is it possible, for people to phone other people, knowing they’re talking absolute b.s. and feel nothing? She knows, before she puts the telepromt on, to read the lie to you, that she’s nothing but a low down pathetic liar. She or He, is aware that their job is to lie to people, and they’re okay with this! Like politicians and lawyers.

The worst however, is the “MANIFEST” lie. The thousands of adverts that cover our screens, promising soooo many ways to “manifest” dream jobs, partners, homes, ad nauseum…but the most revolting of this lie, is the promise of manifesting millions.

Why?  …

Because there truly are people, desperate people, who’ll spend their last dime signing up to some bogus site that promises to ensure the manifestation of their dreams, mostly money, (which doesn’t happen) , leaving such people feeling like losers (besides broke and depressed).

All confidence in Self is removed when the millions don’t manifest, leaving the desperate person feeling like a total failure and fool, and completely out of pocket. Of course, they’re blamed by the bogus thieves, who’ve taken their money, if they question why the manifesting didn’t come to fruition!

Lets put the bullshit into perspective;

The man or woman who presents The motivational video, that lures the unsuspecting viewer  is only an actor, filmed in hired locations, or studios, and you’ve swallowed it all, putting all of your energy, money and effort in, innocently believing and excitedly expecting!

If one uses just 1 brain cell, and if one had zero conscience, then that one would be the one hiring models and actors, hooking up websites with pictures of glory that’ll blow the unsuspecting persons mind, and that one would be rubbing their palms in delight, as the poor ba..ards give all their money, hoping to purchase heaven, only to land in hell.




The Truth Button has been Deleted………..

Hi Folks!

What does to take to be totally honest? When you suffer from any form of mental illness, it’s often terrifying to be honest, because always, at some stage, the person you are honest with, will, when they get angry enough, throw something verbally at you,(normally something you’ve confessed to doing),  that you’ll squint your eyes at, scratch your head, and not understand where it comes from.

The ‘normal’ person however, often has had ‘enough’ of our tantrums, our demands, and our weird behaviour, and so it’s normal for them to tilt once in a while, but then, the mentally ill person, immediately starts blaming themselves for everything, and divorce comes into the conversation, wedding rings get tossed, crying is unbeatable, but the one thing that is the most scary, is that the mentally ill person decides they are going to stop being honest, because ultimately the price is too high to pay.

So where does this leave the relationship? There are hundreds of videos on youtube about broken relationships due to borderline and or bipolar, but you don’t have to be a statistic. I believe that when the illness goes into remission (meaning you are not down nor up, just feeling ok and normal), serious talks are necessary. Communication is the key.

My Husband had a full on go at me this morning, and I don’t know where it came from, but when he explained that it had been weeks of pent up frustration, I tried to understand, however, the first thing I reached for was my illness. Is this the truth, or is it my escape route? I personally cannot stand fighting, so I avoid it like the plague, so I start working on my business, (which I said I was SO over with, but I can’t seem to leave it alone), or I try meditate, but mostly, I just cry.

I cry because I’m ill. I cry because I can’t be a better wife in my mind, but none of this is actually true. Yes, I have a mental illness or two, but if I weigh up what I’ve accomplished with the illnesses, well, I cannot complain. However, my honesty button is now deleted for a while, as my Husband learns to deal with the truth. (perhaps I’m being harsh?)

At the end of the day, we are not responsible, no matter how you cut it. So, I’m off to paint something and get back to Zen! and put my mask back on. Talking of masks, check out some of these that I sell on my website. They are really cool.

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Till next time

Love Deborah x

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